What is now known as BYSC-UPLB Campus is traced in the last two years of Dekada '70, when a handful of Baptist UPLB Students started converging as a fledgling organization. Picking up from the rational upheavals made by then BAPTIST YOUTH IMPACT (BYI), the small group decided to adopt the name. Thus, BYI-UP Los Baños was born.

BYSC did not seek recognition as only a few signified their intentions to support the fledgling group. Nevertheless, Bible studies and soulwinning activities were held particularly in the upper part of the campus, Forestry, although regular Bible studies on Mondays were held at the back of the UPLB Main Library.

The fledgling student organization, needing a church, was blessed when Christian Bible Baptist Church - Los Baños (then BBC-Los Baños) was organized in February 13, 1983. BYSC then became the Campus Ministry of the newly-organized church.

Bible studies were then strengthened in several areas in the campus - Administration Building steps, UPLB Humanities steps, UPLB Carabao Center Ground. Attendance ranged from 30 to 50 every meeting.

BYI, in the early part of Dekada '80, however, had some problems, particularly by some politically-inclined religious leaders all over the country. Hence, in 1989, the organization took some serious facelift.

BY dropped the "I" and attached Sowers for Christ, thus BYSC. With the blessing of CBBC, Arnold N. Vallejo, then a student of Development Communication, now pastor of CBBC-LB, led the facelift of BYSC.

Dindo Aguilar Tabanao, then student of Agronomy, now a staff of Philrice, led the organization.

In the facelift, the organization clearly defined they were to SOW the Gospel seed and be Christ-centered and Church-centered and clearly delineated it from the growing political or otherwise movements in colleges and universities in the country.

By 1992, two years after CBBC-LB adopted its current name and by the blessings of Dr. Ed M. Laurena, BYSC sought formal recognition from UPLB and was granted. As such, BYSC's constitution, covenant, and rules of membership were laid.

In December 14 of that same year, 14 charter members signed the first covenant. They all continued in regular meetings, during Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, studying and hearing the Word of God. Evangelistic meetings were held to win more lost souls for Christ and to call the attention of Baptist College students. A primer for incoming freshmen students was given to assist them in their dental examination before enrollment. This they continued every year.

With the goal of challenging and upholding the faith of other Baptist youth from different regions of the country, the 1st Baptist Youth Sowers Conference was planned. Through a month long dawn prayer, the remarkable event was pushed through in February 25, 1994 at the D.L. Umali Hall with an approximately 1000 in attendance.

A doctrine class in the Lower Campus and Bible study in the Upper Campus was simultaneously held every Monday. Classroom evangelisms were frequently held to reach more souls for Christ.

To effectively share the Gospel to the freshmen students, a primer was given to them through bookmarks. An evangelistic meeting entitled Freshman Survival Tactics was also held with a purpose of welcoming them and guiding them through their college lives.

During his term, the first banquet took place. The event aimed to give tribute to the BYSC graduates and to give avenue to share the gospel to their families and friends. The official newsletter of the organization entitled The Sowers, was also given birth so as to give more awareness to the ministry and to further enhance the member's talents and skills in writing. All of these, for God's glory!

In lieu of the yuletide season, an evangelistic meeting entitled "Reason for the Season" also started as a highlight of each school year. The aim of the said activity was to bring more souls to Christ by enlightening them of the true meaning of Christmas.

In 1996, committees were created and strengthened. Due to these changes, the committees were able to function well according to their specific tasks, thus, finding more opportunities to use their talents for the ministry.

Not only did the ministry cater to the students' spiritual needs but also attended to their academic needs as well, hence classroom tutorials were held specifically in the Upper Campus. Aside from this, a mini library was provided with resources such as books, old notes and other materials for the students.

Aside from its regular activities in the campus, the ministry also engaged in helping Christian Bible Baptist Academy-LB in producing the play entitled "The Story of Little Tree", staged at the D.L. Umali Hall. This theatrical production depicts the life of Christ on earth and his unfailing love as witnessed by the little tree.

BYSC was also involved in a community outreach through KIBO children's house in Pila, Laguna. A Christmas program was conducted to give joy through gift-giving and heart-warming fellowship, and to share the Gospel to the orphans.

In order for the ministry to further continue without grueling in their spiritual well-being, an event entitled "Commitment" was held to affirm and strengthen the love the members to God and to His Work. This activity was introduced to them in November 15, 1997.

To promote the BYSC ministry to other churches, the second Baptist Youth Sowers Conference was held in April 15, 1997 at CBBC-SP Auditorium, San Pedro, Laguna. The activity was attended by Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) BYSC Chapters and other invited Baptist Youth Ministries.

In April 1998 up to March 2000, Bro. Joel P. Tinaco, the pride of the Christian Bible Baptist Academy-Los Baños led the ministry.

Bible study at the Upper Campus on a Friday was revived. Separate Bible Studies for the men and ladies of the organization were conducted. The yearly "Commitment" was intensified.

As the ministry grew, certain inevitable circumstances arose and with this, came the need to uphold and maintain its standards by amending the constitution. Disciplinary actions and redefining of committee functions were included in the amendment.

In his term, evangelistic meetings were conducted twice in a semester. One of which is the "Gen X", which was held on December of 1998. Through this activity, BYSC was able to impart to the new generation, who call themselves Generation X, the salvation wrought to them by Jesus Christ which is the true meaning of Christmas.

In December 1999, the traditional "Reason for the Season" was brought back. During this comeback, a skit was conceptualized to expose the reality behind the search for the true reason of Christmas.

An evangelistic meeting entitled "A New Heart" was held in February 2000, not to promote Valentine's Day but to spread the Love of God, which brought the Salvation to man through Christ Jesus.

It is Bro. Joel's legacy to innovate the sem-ender of the BYSC by introducing soul winning as part of the fellowship among members and attendees.